Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday's Montage: Me and my Danskos

While some people love shoes like these, I just can't wear them any more. Ever since I had foot surgery a few years ago, I've had to seriously alter the way I wear shoes. Eventually I found out the original surgeon left a screw across a joint and had it removed, but meanwhile I was floundering around trying to find something cute to wear that didn't scream "Grandma" but also didn't bring tears to my eyes.

Enter my Dansko fairy. The owner of a local, independent shoe store. I was looking at the Børns, the Clarks, the Naturalizers. All very comfortable and often cute. He suggested I might want to try Danskos. I did and (cue the Hallelujah Chorus) heaven. I could walk mostly pain free. There were quite a few styles--most of them cute--in his store and even more in the Dansko catalog.

I'd always just thought of Dansko as clogs for horsey people. I saw folks wearing them at the barn. Those clogs are tough enough to protect your toes if a hoof lands on your foot. That's for sure.
The standard clog
I'll grant you that they ain't cheap, but they last so long they are worth it. The very first pair I bought about 7 years ago looks great and I still wear them. And seriously, I was in so much pain at the time I would have paid just about anything to have a comfortable shoe.
Some alternative styles.
SophiaLolita in Honey Veg-TanCelina in Mushroom Nappa
Now (post the 2nd surgery) my feet are in much better shape, but I still LOVE my Danskos and wear them all the time.

How many of you are wild for Dansko? I couldn't believe I'd never thought of wearing them before the pain drove me to them. How many of you have never heard of them?


Danyelle said...

I've never heard of the before, but they look comfy. I'm with you about the other shoes. They're pretty, but I'm pretty sure I would kill myself if I tried to wear them. >.<

Jessie Oliveros said...

Oh poor you who had to have foot surgery. How miserable. Of course, if you never had surgery you would have never found the world's most perfect shoes.

Tamika: said...

I'm all heels! Anything flat makes me feel awkward. I'll stop at 3 1/2 inches since I still have to run behind my kids.

Lady Glamis said...

I think my mom has worn those shoes. She gets the cutest most comfortable shoes, but she doesn't own ANY heels. I've never seen my mom in heels. :)

I like heels, but they kill my feet. Maybe I'll try Danskos!

Tess said...

I never heard of them but they are really cute!

I like the look of a pretty heel, but have to be careful. I'm only two inches shorter than my hubby and try not to upstage him.

Plus, the older I get the less I care about froof and the more I care about comfort. It's our right, I say.

Patti said...

I've never heard of them, but can totally relate to the no heel thing. THey hurt my ankles. I have weak ones.

T. Anne said...

I need comfy shoes so I'll probably try these! I have a closet full of shoes held hostage by my husbands mess so I only wear three pairs; flip flops, black uggs, and a pair high heeled aeroslole mules that are comfier than the previous two. I also have a pair of running shoes but those don't make it further than the park ;) Thanks for the tip! I'm really looking into these.

Elana Johnson said...

I'm pretty sure I have a pair of Dansko shoes. I only wear flat shoes. I work on my feet all day, and heels just aren't worth it. :)

Kasie West said...

My mom had foot surgery a few years back and has the same problem with finding shoes. I'll have to let her know about these. I've never heard of them before.

Yat-Yee said...
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Yat-Yee said...

(Too many typos in the last one.)

I, too, am a fan of Danskos. So comfortable and so good for the back. A number of years ago I had a conducting gig that for a variety of reasons, required me to be on the podium from about 2 to 10 p.m. two days in a row, followed by the concert. Danskos saved the day.

I'd done this same gig two years prior wearing comfy shoes of other brands and ended up with killer back-aches. But the year I wore Danko clogs for rehearsals, I felt good enough that I was able to indulge my vanity by wearing heels on concert day!

lotusgirl said...

Dani, Our oldest daughter loves wearing shoes like that first pair.

Jessie, Yep. I love me some Danskos.

Tamika, Bless you. I hope your feet hold up.

Glam, You should. Dansko has some heels too. They aren't the cutest, but they're okay.

Tess, I have the same issue with my husband. I tend to go for the lower heels too. My two favorite Dansko sandals have the lower heels.

Patti, You'll have to look for them sometime.

T. Anne, I hope you like them. Try the clogs and the ones with the cushy insoles. Don't let the non-cushy insoles of the clogs fool you. They are ergonomically perfect. (for me at least)

Elana, I so hear you. I've learned the heels aren't worth it too.

Kasie, You should definitely have her try them out.

Yat-Yee, That's a great point to make about them. They really do support your back.

Rena said...

What kind of foot surgery did you have? I had bunionectomies on both my feet and still have the screws and pins in the bone. Looks freaky on x-rays. Sadly, the pics aren't coming up for me, except for the last three. Love the clogs!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

I have a pair! Black with a little silver buckle but I do love them. They're my shoes I can throw on with jeans and go wherever. :)

ali said...

Owie! I was cringing reading about that screw left in your foot. Yikes! I have fibromyalgia and very often (like most of the time) my feet hurt when I walk. I haven't ever tried these shoes, so THANK YOU for the recommendation! ♥

Mary Campbell said...

Those are cute shoes. I have feet pain as well and I CANNOT where heels.

PJ Hoover said...

My shoes taste has sure changed, and I don't even have surgery to blame. I love the flowery clogs!

Crimey said...

Any shoes that are comfortable are fine by me. I had an ankle injury over two years ago and still have problems with my foot. The flatter the shoes, the better for me.

日月神教-向左使 said...
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