Monday, July 12, 2010

Winner and answers

Patti Nielson won! Woohoo! One of our lovely Canadian neighbors was the first to guess Thomas Jefferson's home. Patti, let me know which way you would like your prize.

We stayed in Charlottesville, VA and visited Monticello (home of Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd president and writer of The Declaration of Independence--so many amazing things there--Jefferson was a very clever man), Montpelier (home of James Madison, our 4th president--that's where the templed hill was), Ashlawn-Highland (home of James Monroe, our 5th president--the house with the coolest dining room table), and the Michie Tavern (that's the place with the 4-seater privy and the heated plate)--if you ever get the chance to eat there, take it, and drink the apple cider. It's delicious as is the food.

Honorable Mention to Mary Kay who figured out all the specifics before they were announced. There were some interesting facts in Friday's comments.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Where in the World was Lotus Girl? Part III

Hint: Our trip was very appropriate for the 4th of July. We visited a few different places but all around the same city where we stayed.
This is a 3-D sundial. So cool.
This tree had to be taken down a few years ago when it was only 17% alive. This daughter and I were amazed at the size of it. There was a bowl in one of the souvenir shops that was made from it. Gorgeous and so unique, but with a price tag of $1800.00, it stayed in the shop.
Does this one help?
Or this one. I was so thrilled when I found this pool. You know how I like me some reflections.
There were some amazing vistas
and clever things. This is a warming dish. You pour hot water in the little spout and cap it, and it keeps your food hot. So cool.
A four seater privy. You gotta love it. The one on the right is smaller and has a step up for kids.
A templed hill just like in the song.
I thought this was so modern looking. It was originally built with brick and during the owner's lifetime looked like this.
This home was much more modest but also very interesting and had one of my favorite pieces of furniture of everything we saw--a drop leaf dining room table.

So... Good luck figuring it out.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where in the World was Lotus Girl? Part II

So Monday's clues didn't take you there? Here are a few more.
This tree is so cool. One daughter said. "It's the best climbing tree ever."
If you've been there, you may recognize these things.
If not, you may be lost again.
Have no fear Friday's clues will be obvious.

Remember you have to be a follower to win.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Where in the World was Lotus Girl?

We were gone on a nice trip last week. Yea for summer! So I thought I'd let you in on the fun.

Here are the rules for anyone new:
1. Figure out where we went.
2. Be specific. (You must give me either the city or a particular site we saw. e.g. Phoenix, AZ or the Desert Botanical Gardens--those who've been here a while will recognize that as the answer for the last time we played.)
3. Send in your answers quickly in the comments section. The first one with the right answer wins.
4. If you knew where I was going ahead of time, you may not play. Sorry.

Prize: This time I'm offering a $30 gift card from Barnes and Noble or voucher from Amazon--your choice. A little more money because I'm making you be more precise.

Remember the first day picture clues are very vague. They get more obvious with each post.

Good Luck!