Thursday, September 29, 2011

Not your everyday thriller: Monarch by Michelle Davidson Argylle

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Disclosure: I was an early beta reader for this book.

Synopsis/set up: Nick is a CIA operative betrayed by someone he trusted. Now he's on the run from his enemies and his friends. He doesn't know who he can trust, and so he seeks out someone from his past who can hide him until he sorts things out. Lillian owns the reclusive Monarch Inn and a bit of Nick's heart.

What I thought? I enjoyed this book in large part because of Michelle's signature writing style:  vivid to the point of being cinematic. AND It's a page turner. If you like thrillers, it'll be right down your alley. If you don't, you may still like it. There's a nice romance, plus, it's so easy to get sucked into these characters' lives. Michelle paints them in such a way that you feel like you know them. They are fully fleshed out with backstories and complex motivations. The good guys aren't completely good, and the bad guys aren't all evil. They are human and their actions are understandable--even when they do something horrible.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Anybody out there? I'm baaaaaaaack! It's been a much longer break than I intended, but about the time I was going to start back with blogging, we got an 11 week old puppy. I'm not sure what I was thinking in agreeing to another dog, but he's adorable and sweet and pretty dang smart. 
So... He's been a great addition to the family, but it's been like life with a baby in the house. Finally, he's getting pretty well trained, and life is settling back in around me. Whew.

With my break, I found that I was getting more writing done in addition to everything else. It just went to show me how much my blogging was interfering with my writing. Soooo. I've decided to only blog once a week. If I have something burning a hole in my pocket, I might add a 2nd post on occasion. How was everyone's summer? How are you feeling about blogging these days?