Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday's photolife--document it all

Wednesday's answer and winner: Ellis Island. (And yes I did go by it--I took that picture--but it wasn't open for tours at the time so we didn't get to go in.) Congrats to Domey Malasarn from The Literary Lab for being the first to get it right. I thought this one would be trickier. I guess my hint was a little too helpful.

On to the Photolife:

I'm a big proponent of documenting everything when taking pictures. It's kind of like when you're documenting your life including the prices of a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread the year you were born or telling stories about your dog's penchant for climbing trees (my mother had a dog that did that) or your favorite shoes in the summer. I love those sorts of details. Here's a picture that my niece took at a family get together.

I love all the details: the darkness of the foot imprints (they've obviously been well worn), the size differences (a nephew's and a niece's), that both shoes are Rainbows (an incredibly comfortable flip-flop that one niece swears by--in SC they know their flip-flops), etc.

Application to writing? It's important to give details of things that may seem trivial. It adds authenticity. 


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

So true about the details! It really brings things to life. But I'm not always the greatest at noticing them...for example, I didn't realize those were two different SIZE shoes, I just notice the little decoration on one. Sheesh!

Misha said...

I love the picture. It's so sweet.


Madeleine said...

Great picture. I can almost smell those sandals. Phew! A good writing prompt perhaps? :O)

Abby Minard said...

Great analogy- you are so right. I try to do that in my writing because I really do notice it when I read, and I love when I find detail in the smallest things.

Susan R. Mills said...

And authenticity is sooooo important!

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Love the tip!

All I could think of when I saw the shoes is that they must be stinky. ;)

T. Anne said...

Love your niece's photo! I think I could write a novel based on those shoes alone. Let he know she's inspired someone!!

Congrats to Domey!

lotusgirl said...

Hey, Sorry I didn't get back here yesterday. It was a crazy busy day.

Susan, the first time I looked at it I didn't realize the difference in size either, but with a double take I saw it.

Misha, I think it's sweet too. It makes me think of that niece and that nephew.

Madeleine, Yeah, I don't know that you'd want to get very close to those shoes.

Abby, I'm trying to do it too, because I love those details when I read as well.

Susan, authenticity is vital.

Stina, Thanks, and yes. I would guess they are. I saw lots of flip-flops that day flung around on the floor while the everyone danced around in their bare feet, but I didn't get close enough to them to smell.

T. Anne, I'll have to tell her. I'd love to hear what you come up with. I think it makes a great prompt.

She Writes said...

I agree. I like details when I am reading. They often surprise me and reel me in.

Solvang Sherrie said...

You always post such great photos over here, and always with wonderful details :)