Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Old and New

I just finished French by Heart by Rebecca Ramsey about a SC family who lived in France.  I laughed and cried through all her ups and downs and was moved to remembrance.  I've been pondering some of the contrasts I saw the last time I was there.     
All the classical architecture.

All the modern elements.

All the time weathered loveliness viewed through modern eyes.  

The contrast of old and new fascinates me.


Rebecca Ramsey said...

You are a sweetheart! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and that it brought back good memories!

lotusgirl said...


spinregina said...

I just got my Amazon ordered copy of the French at Heart book; I actually just dropped her a quick email telling her that although I'm only a few pages in, it's like magic and I love it. Then I turn to your blog, b/c I finally have a few free minutes, and I see you have been there/done that. How lovely.

lotusgirl said...

It's a fun book! and an amazing country.