Monday, June 21, 2010


Yeah, I still call my father "Daddy." What's it to you. It's his name and has been as long as I can remember. I don't plan to call him anything else. I couldn't believe when my oldest brother went away to college and came back home calling him "Dad." What a betrayal. How shallow could he be? I'm just crazy that way.

Daddy dedicated his life to us, his family, and he's still busily engaged in making life better for everyone around him--even at 81. I love him forever and always. Happy Father's Day, Daddy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summertime Freedom

Sorry about the hiatus for the last few weeks. I've been out of commission. I'm glad to be better again. I worship the miracle that is anti-biotics. Anyway! With the craziness of summer, I'm putting structure on hold and clutching onto freedom. I still plan to blog, but it will not follow my regular M-W-F schedule. I will post whenever I want about whatever strikes my fancy. Ah! Summertime freedom.

For today I thought an update on my progress would be in order. From the queries I sent out back in Feb. (15 total) on my first book, I had some partial requests and a full out, but no further interest. I realized the book still needed work from a critique I got in the spring, so I sent no more queries and let them peter out. I've gone back to editing, and the book is back at WIP I status. There have been some significant changes, and I think they've made the story flow much better. I'll send it back out when the edits are done. As for WIP II, I'm rough drafting and working out the "worldbuilding." It's earth (that's why the quotes), but since it's a dystopic, I still think of it as creating a new world/environment. I'm really excited about this one. It is super early in the process, but it has so much potential. Sometimes I want to set the first one aside and work exclusively on WIP II, but for now I'm seeing if I can handle the 2 projects at one time thing. It's actually going okay.